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Grow your Bottom line with A Clean Work Environment

It's time to stop thinking about cleaning as a cost and more of an investment! A small investment in cleaning can produce big results!

Let's look at the fact that sick employees cost businesses money, lots of it, every year. The average employee takes an average of 7.7 sick days per employee per year. That costs businesses $225.8 Billion per year.

Consider the unplanned absences which decreases productivity/output by 54% per year and account for a 39% drop in sales and customer service.

In a clean facility, occupants reduce their chance of catching a cold or Flu by up to 80% and reduced absenteeism by 46%.

To keep an eye on reducing these numbers, common surfaces with high touch points and which are among the dirtiest in the facility that should be focused on include: computer mice, keyboards, desk phones, break room sink faucet handles, microwave door handles, refrigerator door handles, water fountain buttons and vending machines.

Clean does not just mean healthy, it means GREEN! And by GREEN, we mean MONEY!

Workers are 2-8% more productive in a clean environment and that translates to $125,000 in savings.

Employers don't just benefit when their staff is healthy, customers prefer cleanliness too.

In fact, Cleanliness is the most important customer service metric among quick serve restaurant patrons.

Most Important Customer Service Metric:

  1. Cleanliness

  2. Value

  3. Speed

  4. Convenience

  5. Variety

Retail customers value cleanliness in stores over all other environmental attributes. 60% of shoppers would by more in a clean store. DON'T forget the restrooms. 94% of people would avoid a business if they encountered a dirty restroom.

Bottom Line: Clean facilities are not just a cost, THEY GENERATE REVENUE, and THAT is the Value of Clean!!


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